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Test Your Add to Cart Button in MivaMerchant with Website Optimizer

Monday, March 02, 2009 3/02/2009 02:23:00 PM

Last Friday, I spoke at the MivaMerchant conference. MivaMerchant is an ecommerce platform used by a lot of companies. I demonstrated an easy test that users of MivaMerchant can do: testing different variations of your "Add to Cart" button across your entire site.

Say, for example, you wanted to see whether this green button or this red button worked better.
Watch this video to see how to set up this test in Website Optimizer:

The Add to Cart button is one of the primary calls-to-action on your site and takes visitors from just looking at a product to starting the purchase process. Running experiments here can have a significant impact on your conversion rate.


Mark Simon said...

Thanks for the video and nice presentation at the conference. Look forward to getting Google Website Optimizer more tightly integrated with Miva Merchant.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Lots of positive feedback from the Miva Merchant conference on your presentation. This video is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in if the color of the button was worth it.

Would the attractive red be more repelling than the passive green?

Trevor Claiborne said...

Hey Vadi,

The test I setup in the video is for an example page; it's not an actual store. In practice, though, we've seen that red buttons often do better since they catch the eye.

However, it's very important to note, that you should test which button works best. Red buttons might work great for some sites, but not work at all for others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Trevor,
Great presentation in San Diego.
I am running my first test - the offer - Free Shipping versus 10% Off. (IMHO Vadi, better to test content than design elements, content is king.) I am running an A/B test and have added the scripts to the header and footer of the test pages and conversion page. When I have Google test the pages, the test pages are found but the conversion page is not. I look at the conversion page source and the script is at the bottom. Why can't Google find the conversion page (which is the INVC page?

Some ideas: No order ID in INVC page when pinged, protocol http: or https, I have Analytics and Adwords conversion scripts at the footer as well.

Another question, Your video showed that the scripts are in the global header and footer. If I am running A/B test, do I just need the script in each test page's headers and footers or does it need to be global?

Trevor Claiborne said...

Hi Daniel,

Glad you enjoyed the presentation, and great idea for a test. You should let us know how it goes as we see different results for different companies.

So, what's likely happening here is that the invoice page can't be seen because you need to actually buy something to see the invoice page. So what do you do?

The easiest thing to do is to create a dummy conversion page. Open notepad, paste the conversion script in and save it as an HTML file. Then use offline validation in Website Optimizer and upload the dummy file. GWO should validate your pages now and you should be able to launch.

Regarding the global header and footers. The test I create was running on the entire site so I wanted it to run on every page.

You're correct that you should not put A/B scripts in the global headers and footers. You only want it on the page your testing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your replies!

Susan said...

Any clues what to do if you need to put Miva's SMT code into the variation code? For example, say you want to test a block of code that involves links to secure Miva Merchant pages, so you need to include &mvt:global:secure_sessionurl; in the link's href attribute in order to pass the session id variable as a querystring parameter. Is there any way to make this work?

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