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A Way To Make Testing Easier

Thursday, June 12, 2008 6/12/2008 09:15:00 AM

One question we get asked often is whether Website Optimizer will work with content-management system (CMS) platforms. The short answer is yes: if you get our JavaScript tags onto your pages, Website Optimizer will function with any tool you use to build, manage, or serve your pages.

Of course, there are use cases when a particular CMS platform's architecture might make it less easy for you to implement Website Optimizer tests. With this in mind, we launched our global Technology Partner Program this morning, to call attention to those specific platforms that are certified as compatible with Website Optimizer.

Although you can still use Website Optimizer on non-certified platforms, our partners make it easier by offering specific documentation and technical support. They can also automate the process of adding Website Optimizer tags, so you can launch experiments faster than ever, with fewer dependencies on your IT team.

We see this program as a win for CMS providers and website-owners alike. CMS platforms of any size can offer their customers a powerful A/B and multivariate testing solution, which might have cost them millions of dollars to develop internally. Site-owners who build and manage their websites through these platforms can in turn launch Website Optimizer experiments more easily to help improve their conversion rates. And perhaps most importantly, the web becomes a more useful place for users since more web pages will be improved through customer input.

Check out a great video from Emovendo, one of our Technology Partners, to see for yourself how quick and simple testing can be. Loretta Jones, who runs marketing for Echosign, has been using Emovendo's PageVester application that has integrated with both Website Optimizer and She puts it best by saying, "With PageVester, it takes only a few minutes to create and test landing pages using Google Website Optimizer, so we have the flexibility to both quickly create landing pages and quickly determine which pages yield the best performance.”

Another customer, has used Clickability's platform to run A/B tests on their newsletter subscriptions page. They tested two alternate page designs against their original layout and content:

Original Page

Variation 1

Variation 2

By leveraging Clickability's integration with Website Optimizer, the marketing team was able to build the alternate pages and launch their experiment in no time. And their first variation outperformed the original by over 18%, while the second actually did worse. All this insight, for minimal marketing and IT work.

If your current CMS provider isn't yet a Website Optimizer Technology Partner, we encourage you to ask them to join; it's a free and easy way for both of you to benefit.