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Case Study: Universal Technical Institute Increases Application Requests Eight-fold With Website Optimizer

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 3/09/2011 02:28:00 PM

UTI revved up their conversion rate with Google Website Optimizer. By conducting rigorous testing, making design improvements to their landing pages, and increasing AdWords investment to capitalize on their higher conversion rates, UTI cut their cost-per-application request in half and increased their request volume by more than 700% in in marketing campaigns that used the new landing pages. Read more to learn how they did it!


RedCardinal said...

It would be great to get some more detail on this test Trevor - was it an AB or MVT, and what elements did they test? Was there any post test analysis, and what elements had the greatest impact on the results?

Danny said...

I like the concept,it makes alot of sense

Felicia Corrine said...

Wow! These statistics are really alarming. By using a website optimizer you were able to achieve such great conversion rates. Now this news is something every SEO and marketer should read.

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