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New Google Website Optimizer Online Video Training Released!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 10/12/2010 08:43:00 PM


Gina said...

It costs $25 a month to view Lynda's videos!

I have a suggestion: why doesn't Google purchase the video and post it here?

Harriotts said...

I agree. Why must we pay another company to learn about googles website Optimizer. It has to better for google to teach everybody to get the best content and most relevant search results. At the current time, it gives the web marketers another advantage over websites that are only trying to promote their own company. We have to work daily on our businesses, and do not have the time to search the net for advice or even in most cases employ a SEO expert to optimize our site for us

harriotts said...

Having clicked on free video tutorals at , the videos are infact free, so no need to pay $25. Thankyou Google and

Sarah said...

Thanks, @Trevor, for letting us know about David Booth's video on GWO - very useful! :)

Pedro | Tienda de mascotas said...

Good video. Very useful. Thanks

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