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​25 Google Website Optimizer Tips for Better Product Pages

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 2/23/2010 02:28:00 PM

Late last year, a fantastic post went around the Internet with 55 Google Website Optimzer Tips and Tricks. Today, we have a sequel for you. This is a guest post from Khalid Saleh, who is the president and cofounder of Invesp, an ecommerce conversion rate optimization company.


Unknown said...

This is a good add-on to the other posts, it does provide a designer and coder with something to work on to produce that pages that falls into a leg of their own.

Advice like this can make an project that has multiple divisions in a company look different to their approach on a product page and sets a standerd for group to work on.

Good post, chatter on this will be growing...

Hendry Irawan said...

It's very nice tips. thanks

Piluz said...

Woow sounds good its very great rips and article, i like it.

CustomHomeArchitect said...

These tips seem oriented to products. How about some information on professional services?
Thanks for your advice.
I suppose benefits of the services could be listed and it seems we have already done this. I guess nothing much on the way of conversion advice can combat the overall nationwide economy. But let's try!

Business Radio said...

Seems nice tips for better product pages.

Unknown said...

Would I be right in saying that if you are showing different prices to different users, and you have a Google Merchant Center product feed set up (with one price for each product) - then this could be an issue?

Also - do you have any goog guides on how to integrate GWO with an osCommerce site (or any php/mysql database driven ecommece site for that matter)?


Rob Willox said...

Some interesting and useful tips! Hadn't thought of the possibility of using GWO as a simple means of not only testing but swapping pricing data to see effect on add-to-cart and funnel analysis.

The most obvious is sometimes the hardest to see!

Web Design Norwich said...

As a web designer myself this is really helpful.


Jenny How said...

Wow! such a comprehensive list. everywhere on the web people are talking about blog seo optimization. I'm glad you wrote about this list about ecommerce for a change. Great for us product seller. Thank you.

Willowbee said...

Thanks for elaborating on the google optimization. It really is useful.

venkata said...

most of these tips are helpful.

what really works is a simple page with an opt in box and a video to help with conversions.

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