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New video: How We Used Data to Win the Election

Monday, November 16, 2009 11/16/2009 02:58:00 PM

We just posted a new video on the Website Optimizer YouTube channel that shows the power of website testing. Last month, we held our annual Google Partner Summit where we hosted all of the Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, and Urchin Software Authorized Consultants. One of the keynote speakers was Dan Siroker, Director of Analytics for the Obama Presidential campaign.

In his 50 minute talk, Dan explained how they used data to win the election. He shows how they used tools like Google Analytics and Website Optimizer to get more engagement and more donations. He also describes the lessons that they learned throughout the campaign. With the successful election behind him, Dan is now focused on his startup, CarrotSticks, and he explains how he's using the same principles within his own company.

Special thanks to Kobi Reiter, Website Optimizer engineer, for his steady hand in recording this video.


Neil Asher said...

Just checked out the carrot sticks game, how brilliant is that!

I took on an 8 year old and kicked his ass :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a brllian idea. I have just signed up my son son for CarrotSticks.

Michael Magee said...

CarrotSticks is way COOOOL! I'll be applying this info to my True Blood fan site as soon as I can. The science behind this stuff is amazing. Just shows how good split testing can change the world!

Tom Joffe said...

This stuff is gold!

Thanks, I love the 5 Rules!

I was taking notes after notes all the way through.

If you want my notes on the video to save you typing them you can download them here:

dog walking said...

Great presentation, thanks for putting it up. It just goes to show a) what can be done & b) how much effort is behind, what to the public is, just a simple website.

Mike Neal said...

Brilliant stuff..

I knew there must have been a super-engineered e-campaign!


Youssef said...

Very impressive and useful, thanks!

David said...

Awesome stuff! Cant wait to share this with my friends.

bert van Meteren said...

this is the way to improve my website. Thanks a billion

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