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Follow your conversions with over time charts

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 10/20/2009 11:22:00 AM

If you've recently looked at your Website Optimizer reports you may have noticed something different. Today we launched another new feature designed to help you better understand the performance of your variations: over time charts.

With over time charts you can see the cumulative conversion rate of each combination over the life of an experiment. This can give you a better understanding of how your site is performing. The new charts are available for all Website Optimizer experiments, and you'll find them on the reports page.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Dennis Huo, who interned with us this past summer and built over time charts as part of his work here. Thanks for the charts, Dennis!


Unknown said...

Excellent new feature. Nice to visualize this. Are you planning to add this feature to the pdf export too?

Unknown said...

Ditto on the PDF export feature as well. First thing I thought when I saw our experiment was to export it to show it to my boss, but no dice.

Dr. Pete said...

Looks great! Is there any chance you'll be adding date-range selections to the overall statistics (like in GA)? One thing I often find is that I want to cut off some portion of the data (usually, the first week or two) and re-analyze, which you can't really do in GWO. The charts will definitely help with eyeballing those patterns.

Nicholas said...

Very good - and another vote on PDF!

Online Dashboards said...

Yes, noticed this - useful addition to a great tool. Can time-series data be made available to download too (in csv format)? Thanks.

Jaco at Function42 Marketing said...

This is a great feature that helped me the very first day it was released.

I had 4 variables, the 4th being a copy of the original. This is done to ensure my results are statistically accurate.

My #4 was out performing both #2 and the Origional. Statistically impossible.

Using the over time chart I was able to see at what point results became stable. With #2 becoming the winner after 400 conversions.

It also allow you to see what effect outside influences have had on your test, such as a news event or additional traffic source.

Anonymous said...

Its a great feature and once again adds more value and makes it faster to see how the testing is tracking overtime if your clients make slight adjustments.

It would be great if it worked from the launch of the testing, it appears to require a certain level of data before it will display the graphs. This presents problems for smaller sites or testing or lower traffic or niche parts of a website.

Anonymous said...

Love this feature - now it's gone. ;-) what happended?

Also guys, how about having the Experiment List always display the last way I left it i.e. "show only running experiments".

lastly, your "Tell us about webiste optimizer" link no longer connects to the google docs page - instead we get: Oops - looks like the form is turned off!

Trevor Claiborne said...

It's taking a little vacation, but should be back soon.

Thanks for the other note, I'll make sure it gets fixed.

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