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Upcoming Seminars for Success

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 6/10/2009 05:48:00 PM

We have two upcoming Seminars for Success for Google Website Optimizer. If you're looking for a day of in-person training to help you get started in your testing, you should try to attend. The curriculum includes:
  • An overview of testing and Website Optimizer
  • How to identify problematic pages and estimate sample sizes
  • Loads of testing best practices drawn from real tests and case studies
  • Hands-on lab experience in setting up, configuring, & launching both A/B and Multivariate tests
  • How to interpret the data and run follow up experiments
The two dates are fast approaching so you'll want to sign up right away.
And if you're looking to increase your expertise in other Google products, take a look at Seminars for Success for AdWords and Google Analytics.

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Bihar Travels and Tourism said...

Is any of Google website Optimizer seminar will held in india except san diego/dalls.

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