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Getting Help with Website Optimizer

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 12/17/2008 07:32:00 PM

We think Website Optimizer makes it pretty easy for you to run experiments on your website, but there are always times when you have questions or just want to double-check before launching your experiment. Maybe you're looking for advice on copywriting or need some specifics on tweaking scripts for your particular content management system. While we've always had the Help Center for support, we've found, for these kinds of questions, it's often other Website Optimizer users who have the best answers.

We've launched a new Help Forum that allows you to ask questions about Website Optimizer and have them answered by both Google employees and other Website Optimizer users. The "Best Answers" (as voted on by the community) are listed first so it's easy to find the answers to questions that have already been asked. And a list of "Related Questions" comes up even as you are typing your question.

The forum also gives all you testing experts the opportunity to help other users and show off your knowledge. It's easy to find questions that need answers. Based on your contributions, you can be recognized as a Top Contributor or a seasoned poster. The old Website Optimizer Discussion Group will still be accessible as a resource, but is now closed for future posts.

We think this new Help Forum will help you get quicker answers to your website testing questions. See you on the forum.


Unknown said...

I am trying to verify my site. Hosted by Mr. Site, cannot verify as one can only put items in the text, and not in the headers, when you ADD a meta tag.

Trevor Claiborne said...

Hi CraftyBee,

If you can't get access to the code on your page, you might not be able to run a test using GWO. I'd ask this question in the Help Forum,, and see if someone there can help.

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