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Picking a good test page with Google Analytics

Thursday, July 02, 2009 7/02/2009 04:42:00 PM

A common question we hear from users of Website Optimizer is, "What page should I test?" Of course, people have different opinions. For example, some experts say that you should never run a test on your homepage while others may disagree. We recommend taking a data-driven approach when choosing a test page. Simply put, test a page that needs improvement.

By using Google Analytics, you can find pages on your site that could most benefit from website testing. We've put together a short video showing how you can quickly identify these top choices:



Andre said...

If you use you can do your a/b testing with a segmented group from your website. Like users who clicked on a banner or users who reached you coming from google search. That way you don't have to test every user in your website.

SEM expert said...

I would recommend to conduct a small research about a bounce rate of the different traffic sources before starting A/B testing with Optimizer and Google Analytics. If you get let's say 50% of your traffic from PPC and the bounce rate is for instance 80% then you should consider a Keyword optimization rather than A/B testing.

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