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Our Optimal User Community

Monday, May 12, 2008 5/12/2008 02:02:00 PM

Ever since we launched Website Optimizer as an invitation-only beta a year ago, we created a Google Group for our users to exchange advice and discuss how to get the most out of the product. This small group has steadily grown from a few dozen members in 2007 to over 1,700 of our most active users today. And to make the community's content accessible to anyone, we've started indexing the Group posts in our Help Center search results.

The Group has become an invaluable resource for some of our newest users, and a favorite resource for advanced beginners. For that, we have to thank a number of our hard-core users and their tips, tricks, and tales of trial-and-error.

These folks volunteer to answer questions and share their learnings out of their passion for the power of web experimentation in general and for Website Optimizer in particular. Our most active user so far is Ophir Prusak, with an incredible 239 posts and an average post rating by other members of 5 stars! Honorable mentions go to other power posters such as CoffeeGuy, Robbin Steif, Chris Goward, ShoreTel, and Limepickle. You can see all of them and over 1,700 others in action here in the Google Group.

We offer support via our Help Center articles, webinars and video tutorials, email customer support, testing tips, and network of Authorized Consultants. The community on our Google Group, however, has been instrumental in helping people see great success from website optimization.

If you have a question about Website Optimizer, feel free to visit the Google Website Optimizer Group: chances are someone has already asked it, and someone else has answered.